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Our application process is fast and simple, and rest assured, does not commit you to completing the loan. TRC bases their criteria for lending, in part, on your debt to income ratio, not your credit score! Getting financed for land has never been easier, and we make it our business to help our customers realize their dream of becoming land owners.


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    We require that all land contracts be completed by a real estate agent (licensed in the state of Texas) or an attorney.

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Our Mission

Improving Lives Through Land Ownership

Find Answers to Your Questions

You can often have an answer back within 24 hours of submitting your loan application. Please note, you can help move the process move along by making sure every form is filled out completely and signed (if appropriate). If you are married, we will need a copy of both drivers licenses (even if the spouse is not on the loan). In addition, before we begin processing, we will need a copy of all documents that are required to prove income (which are different for a W2 vs a 1099 employee- see “Checklist” in the loan packet for details).
***Processing will be delayed if any portion of the packet is not received and completed correctly.***
Submitting an application with TRC does not obligate you to complete the loan, but it may help sellers take your contract more seriously when you are ready to purchase land.
Yes! We follow strict federal guidelines and adhere to all laws related to your privacy and protection including the Truth in Lending Act. In addition, before you close on our loan, you will be provided with all of the details of the loan, like monthly payments, APR, and any other fees associated with your land loan, which will allow you to make an educated and informed decision about your purchase.
In General, we partner with local manufactured home dealerships to help their customers, who may not otherwise qualify, obtain land. However, as we grow, we customers are also finding us through other mean, such as their real estate agent, online, social media, or word of mouth. Our loan is NOT tied at all with the purchase of a home. So, if you’ve been working with a dealership, and decide that you no longer wish to buy a home. We can still help you with the financing for your land. In fact, once land is secured, some of our customers find it less stressful, and then they begin to save for a home, and find the peace of mind that they are one step closer to living the life they’ve always dreamed they’d live.
If you already own your land, or have significant equity in your land note, and are considering a “Land in Lieu” option, our land loan offers the peace of mind to keep payments low with a way to separate a home from the asset you currently own. We offer refinancing options, that some of our customers find less risky, and leave them feeling more secure than putting their entire land down as collateral.
We require that all land contracts be completed by a real estate agent (licensed in the state of Texas) or an attorney, even if the land is “for sale by owner”. In fact, if you are rolling in closing costs or hard improvements in to your loan, we suggest that your agent or attorney contact our staff prior to writing up the contract. In most areas, we can even assist in matching you with an agent who can help you find you that perfect piece of property.
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So you’ve had a bankruptcy? Life happens and at TRC we understand that. As long as you don’t have a current tax lien or bankruptcy, we may still be able to loan you money to purchase land. Because we are Dodd-Frank compliant, we have to strictly follow federal guidelines, but in many cases we are able to lend money for our customers to purchase land when other lenders have turned them down.
Our interest rates starting at 11.99% (12.125% APR) 10 year fixed rate (longer terms and other rates available)** on a 30 -year fixed rate note with as little as 10% down *.
* With Approved Credit. Income information required to qualify.
**Annual Percentage Rate (APR) 12.125%. 10 year fixed rate loan with no balloon payment or pre-payment penalty.

Please call for information on APR and additional loan details:
Fred Hobbs, Licensed RMLO #329412 (
Texas Mortgage Capital Corp (NMLS# 353784)
311 Howard St., San Antonio, TX 78212 | Telephone: (210) 493-5300 / Facsimile: (888) 789-42811

Texas Mortgage Capital is an Equal Housing Lender
Yes, each loan will require a survey.
We are often able to close on our land loans in about 30 days.
We are authorized for loan amounts up to $90,000.
We can lend money on land in any county within the State of Texas. However, in order for the lender to approve financing, a Broker will review the receipted land contract to insure that the property meets our guidelines and we can find “comps” in the area which support the sales price.
We do not lend money on property that is located in a flood plain. In most instances, we will also not lend on a property that is not “platted” and filed with the county.
We do not penalize customers for paying their note off early. However, we are not authorized to lend on a so-called “bridge” or short-term loan.
Closing costs begin at $5,000, which often times we allow to be rolled in to the land note, regardless of the sales price of the property. Survey and Title Policy are not included in our closing costs. There may be other costs/fees associated with closing which will be disclosed in your Closing Disclosure.
If you are a W2/ employee, download the application designated for “Employee”. If you are a contract, self-employed, worker, download the loan packet for “Self-Employed”. However, if one borrower is an employee, and the co-borrower is self-employed, download the packet for “Employee & Self Employed”. The category of your employment status will determine which supporting documents will be required to substantiate income.
Download Applications
You can email of fax in your signed, notarized (when applicable), and fully complete application (don’t forget to include all supporting documentation- copy of both spouses driver’s license, if married, pay stubs, etc.) to: or by fax: 1-800-311-5712

Loan Applications

Choose the loan packet that best designates the employment status of borrower & co-borrower. Avoid delays by signing, (notarizing, if applicable), completing all forms. When submitting the loan packet, be sure to include all requested supporting documentation.

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