Money for Mobile Home Land & Improvements

Why Texas Rural Capital?

Faster and easier to get a loan through us than going to a bank and credit union.

10% down payments available and loan terms up to 30 years to keep your monthly payments low.

Safer than trying to "owner-finance" from someone you don't know or trust.  We make sure the paperwork is done correct and legal.

No pre-payment penalties. You can pay off the loan at anytime without a pre-payment fee,  not like some owner-finance deals.

All loans are reviewed and underwritten through licensed mortgage origination teams to comply with all state and federal guidelines.

All loan documents and conveyance papers are drawn by licensed attorneys to insure accuracy and legal transfer of ownership.

All loans go through a title company to insure the property is free of any prior liens, no back taxes are owed, and the seller owns the property being sold to you.

All ownership records are filed and recorded in your name at the county courthouse where the property is located. 

All loans are professionally serviced. You will get monthly statements and  year-end tax statements.

Your property taxes will be included in your monthly payment and paid from your escrow account when taxes are due each year.

Professionals are available to answer questions about your loan, calculate payoffs, and take payments directly if needed.

You can check your account 24/7 on-line to see your balance and when payments are posted to your account. 

Texas Rural Capital

What we do

Texas Rural Capital matches land buyers to investors with money to lend.  We offer buyers a Fresh Start  when purchasing land. Borrowers who choose Texas Rural Capital will have the ability to establish new credit or re-establish credit. Buyers will build equity on their own land, and most important, they can fulfill the dream of having a secure piece of Texas to call home and pass on to future generations.

We look forward to helping your dreams come true !