what is the criteria​
  1. Steady job with proven income to budget10% minimum down payment

  2. Social Security Number

  3. ​No Bankruptcy or Current tax liens

  4. Land & improvements must appraise

  5. ​No past due child support 

what we do

  • ​We specialize in obtaining the financing for rural land and lot improvements catering to people buying mobile homes.

  • We match land buyers to investors with money to lend.
  • LOW down payments       LOW monthly payments
  • EASY credit approval is what we do
  • ​All Loans Report to credit bureau to establish or re-establish credit

LOW down payments, LOW monthly payments, and EASY credit criteria is our specialty.

Money for Mobile Home Land & Improvements


to help land buyers match the perfect property with the right financing

“Texas Rural Capital Delivered everything they promised. My customer satisfaction level is at an all-time high!”

Texas Rural Capital